Summing it all up…

I came across this article today. Too bad I didn’t read it before the Day Camp, it put some things very nicely I would have liked to include. I highly recommend Catherine Lombardozzi’s article “Learning Environment Design“. She says,

We can be both more responsive, and more effective, in meeting the rapidly changing learning needs of employees if we take a more comprehensive view of what we can do to support learning and skill building. Designing comprehensive learning environments
should be our new standard.

We must be THE experts at delivering performer capability – to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done well. We can’t simply create high-tech spot solutions, or respond impulsively to learners’ (and managers’) desires to employ “Learning 2.0” technologies. We must know the variety of tools and techniques, both high-tech and simple, that can generate learning, and support application of that learning in the workplace. We must educate ourselves on what makes each of these components and techniques effective, and we must learn how to design, develop, and implement them efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Lombardozzi’s blog can be found at

Also, you may want to become a member of the eLearning Guild–it’s free. They send out a weekly eMagazine (where I got this article) that has very insightful articles and other helpful resources.


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