Social Media and Informal Learning

Here are links to short/ fun videos about social media. These are Web 2.0 tools that could be used to enable informal learning in an organization.

As you will see, these tools can be found for free on the web. Many can even be installed for free in-house. The problem is that many organizations frown on using unsecured external services and convincing them to provide these services in-house may be difficult. For State of Utah agencies that use the Career Management Services (CMS) system, most of these social media functions are already paid for and available in CMS…they just need to be tweaked for the organization’s purposes and turned on.

Social Media 3:44 min.

  • This is a good overview to start with
  • CMS allows for rankings, reviews, ratings, meta data, search, communities etc.
  • CMS also allows for control of who can participate in each community

Blogs 2:58 min.

  • This would be very helpful to connect state and regional trainers as well as policy specialists and SMEs
  • CMS provides this functionality

Wikis 3:52 min.

  • Related to blogs, but more focused on collaborative group work
  • CMS allows this sort of collaborative work on shared documents, with version tracking

RSS Feeds 3:44 min.

  • This is like the subscription service in CMS collaboration
  • It allows a person to know when wikis, blogs, documents, comments etc are updated so they can keep up with the changes without having to check if something has changed

Social Bookmarking 3:25 min.

  • Possibilities: Share good web resource amongst designers, developers, team or UTC

Discussion Boards– there is not a video for this one, but it is a feature of CMS


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